Letterpress Printed Wedding Programs

Bow programs 1These stunning letterpress printed wedding programs are a show stopper.  This two page program is tied together with a bow using a lovely satin ribbon. Your guests are sure to love the luxurious feeling of these 100% cotton programs.

On the front page the bride and grooms name dance across the page in a lovely script font. The time, date and location of the ceremony fill up the center portion of the front page. A custom thank you note scribed by the bride and groom completes the first page of the program.letterpress printed wedding programs with bow


The second page of the letterpress printed program lists the wedding party and order of ceremony. A second page is very helpful for a larger wedding party or detailed ceremony.

letterpress printed program Bow programs

Ribbon Bow Letterpress Printed Wedding Program Details: 

2 page 110# A7 Size Pearl White 100% Cotton Letterpress Printed Invitation with Gold Ink

Satin Ribbon

As with all of our items this program is completely customizable. Dinglewood Design & Press can customize the ink color, font style, envelope color, layout, or even add a motif. To learn about our pricing or if you are ready to place an order send an email to anna@dinglewooddesign.com.

bow program collage

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Rosebud Suite: Rustic Letterpress Printed Wedding Invitations

vintage letterpress printed wedding invitation

The Rosebud Suite is a rustic wedding dream. The soft blush pinks and and pearl whites are nestled beautifully into a kraft pocket enclosure.  The black ink brings a traditional touch to the the vintage calligraphy font. Upon opening the pearl white envelope recipients are greeted with a splash of blush and a pop of kraft. They will begin to understand that this is no ordinary invitation. The pocket enclosure is sealed with a blush belly band, wrapped in lace and tied off with rustic twine. Opening this invitation is like opening a gift.

Rosebud letterpress printed wedding invitation with kraft pocket enclosure

Rosebud Features:

110# 4.75″ x 6.75″ Size Pearl White 100% Cotton Letterpress Printed Invitation with Black Ink

A7 Pearl White Envelope with blush envelope liner

110# 4bar Size Pearl White 100% Cotton Letterpress Printed Response Card with Black Ink

4bar Size Blush Response Envelopes

110# 3.5″ x 6.5″  Size Pearl White 100% Cotton Letterpress Printed Information Card with Black Ink

Kraft Trifold Pocket Enclosure

Blush Paper Belly Band

White Lace

Rustic Twine

Rosebud kraft and black letterpress printed invitations

As with all of our suites The Rosebud Suite is completely customizable. Dinglewood Design & Press can customize the ink color, font style, envelope color, layout, or even add a motif. To learn about our pricing and process visit our pricing guide here. If you have any questions concerning custom orders or if you are ready to order these rustic letterpress printed wedding invitations please send an email to anna@dinglewooddesign.com.

Rosebud blush and white rustic wedding invitation

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The Verbena Suite: Letterpress Printed Wedding Invitations

The Verbena Suite: Letterpress Printed Wedding Invitations

The Verbena Suite is a romantic letterpress printed wedding invitation. The swirling font dances across the invitation drawing the readers eyes to the important details of the wedding day. The rounded edges and 100% cotton paper bring a soft touch to these elegant. The Verbena Suite is a fan favorite and a beloved design amongst the Dinglewood Design & Press team.

The Verbena Suite Features:

110# A7 Size 100% Cotton Letterpress Printed Invitation

Verbena Letterpress printed invitation

A7 Size Pearl White Envelope with a Blush Envelope Liner Insert

110# 4bar Size 100% Cotton Letterpress Printed Response card

4bar Size Blush Response Envelopes

verbena letterpress printed response cards

110# A2 Size 100% Cotton Letterpress Printed Additional Information Card

Rounded Edges on all printed items

verbena dinner and dancing card letterpress printed

A Save the Date is also available in the Verbena Suite style.

Verbena Letterpress Printed Save the Date

As with all of our suites The Verbena Suite is completely customizable. Dinglewood Design & Press can customize the ink color, font style, envelope color, layout, or even add a motif. To learn about our pricing and process visit our pricing guide here. If you have any questions concerning custom orders or if you are ready to place an order send an email to anna@dinglewooddesign.com.

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Everything that sparkles: The Stargazer Letterpress Printed Wedding Invitation


The Stargazer Story:

Allison, a very dear bride, inspired our Stargazer Letterpress printed wedding invitation. We started working with Allison in the fall of 2014. From start to finish working with Allison on the Stargazer suite was a blast. She is a classy bride who loves sparkle and glam.  Allison sent us her wedding colors, pictures of the linens, dance floor, chairs, and beautiful chuppah.

Silver & Blush RSVP Letterpress

Armed with glamorous thoughts and details from her wedding we began the design process. We had a lot of fun playing with fanciful fonts and layout to create her perfect invitation. Allison brought great ideas to the table including the glitter belly band.

Silver ink on chandler and price press

Letterpress printing and assembling these invitations was a blast. All of our suites are fun to bring to life, but there is something extra special about a design that sparkles. Our silver ink coated the press and piece by piece the design was pressed into the cotton paper. The paper is quite absorbent and absorbs most of the metallic properties of the silver leaving it with just a bit of a shimmer in the right light. The understated shimmer pairs nicely with the glitter belly band and envelope liner.

Silver Glitter Belly Band & Envelope Liner

The Stargazer letterpress printed wedding invitation is a great fit for any bride who loves sparkle, a bit of design drama, and of course all things glamorous.

Thanks Allison for being such a pleasure to work with!


The Stargazer sample suite features:

A7 110# pearl white 100% cotton invitation

Blush Main Envelope

Glitter Envelope Liner

2 inch Glitter Belly Band

4bar 110# 100% cotton response card

Blush Response Envelope



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12 Must Have Items for Baby’s Baptism

12 must haves for your babys baptism

A baby’s baptism, christening, dedication or first communion is a joyous time to celebrate with your friends and family. These lovely must have items for baby’s baptism are from etsy sellers in the United States and are either handmade, or vintage. Enjoy!

1. Pearl baby bracelet with silver cross

cross braceletA traditional bracelet for that special day.

2. A One-of-a-kind, ivory heirloom baptismal gown

christening gownThis gown is sure to be passed down to generations to come!

3. Lace baby booties

lace baby booties

and many other styles here

4. Letterpress Baptism Invitations

letterpress baptism invitation

Letterpress printed on 110# Crane’s Lettra  100% cotton paper with a circa 1893 Chandler & Price Old Style platen press.

letterpress christening Invitations Letterpress Communion Inviationsletterpress baptism invitations

There are several designs to choose from!

5. Lace Headband

lace headbandThis is a truly gorgeous headband with shabby chic cream colored flowers, rhinestones and pearls. Added bonus: can be re-purposed for the holidays, everyday wear, and photo shoots!

6. A Heirloom Baptism Bowl

heirloom baptism bowlThe baptism gift that will start a new tradition.

7. An Antique Lace Baby Quilt

Antique Lace Baby QuiltThis is such an elegant lace quilt with detailed free-motion quilting.

8. A Pearl Pacifier Holder

Pearl Pacifier Holder

This pacifier holder is perfect for any fancy baby

9. A Baptism Banner

baptism banner

This baptism banner will certainly set the scene for the baptism reception!

10. Custom Baptism Cookies

baptism cookies

Each vanilla sugar cookie is handmade and baked upon order. Yum!

11. & 12. Something for the Godparents

godparents frames godparents coffee mugs

These handmade frames and coffee mugs are just a small way to say Thank You to those very important people.







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Thank you note etiquette for your wedding gifts

thank you note ettiquette for your wedding gifts

You will be flooded with gifts and kindness throughout your wedding celebration. The sudden influx of gifts will also bring in an equal flood of thank you notes for you to write. Don’t drown in them, by following these simple guidelines for thank you note etiquette for your wedding gifts:


  • Showers– A thank you need needs to be written for every gift even if you thanked the giver in person. Be sure to include a special thank you for the hostess. Write your notes immediately; don’t let more than two weeks pass before sending them. Stay strict with yourself!
  • Wedding gifts – Each gift received needs to be acknowledged with a thank you note within three months of receiving them. It is best to write them as soon as you receive them, but the three-month grace period allows you to catch up after your honeymoon for gifts given to you on your wedding day. Three months is generous so be sure not to push further it any longer.

The Plan:

  • Keep an organized list of all of the gifts you received and update it as you write thank you notes.
  • Stock up on stationery that you love! We have a multitude of beautiful pre-made and customizable letterpress thank you notes if you need to upgrade your stationery.
  • For weddings, the most traditional thank-you cards are customized to compliment your other wedding stationery. If you choose to include a monogram on your thank you notes remember that it’s improper to adopt your married monogram until after the ceremony.  If you plan to do that you may want to either combine your first name initials or use different thank you notes for those sent out before your wedding date.  Check out our monogram etiquette blog for more information regarding your monogram.
  • Make sure you have a fun pen and stamps that you are proud to use.
  • Don’t plan on writing all of your thank you notes in one sitting. Your eyes will start to cross and your handwriting will begin to look like a serial killer. Be kind to yourself and block out smaller blocks of time to write throughout your days.


  • Be as specific as possible in regards the gift or gifts you were given. Mention how you plan to use it or if you have already used the gift.
  • It is a good idea to specifically thank them for attending your shower or wedding. If they were not able to celebrate with you it is kind to note that they were missed, but that you appreciate them celebrating from afar.
  • It is customary for one person to write a thank you note for a gift, but be sure to mention your spouse. For example if a husband is writing thank you notes to his side of the family he would want to say something like. “Thank you for the lovely gravy boat. Sarah and I love cooking together and we can’t wait to use it at our next dinner party.”
  • You don’t have to write a novel! Short and sincere is completely appropriate.

Most important rules to follow:

  • Be sure to proofread! We are all human and we make mistakes. Even the best speller may make a spelling mistake and unfortunately you have to be your own spell check with a hand written note.
  • Better late than never! If you broke the cardinal timeline rules that doesn’t make you exempt. Write your thank you notes even if you are embarrassingly late. Even a late thank you note is appreciated!

Don’t forget to be thankful and celebrate along the way! Celebrate the gifts you have received. Celebrate your guests. Most importantly celebrate and enjoy your spouse.

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Make Gratitude Contagious. Give thanks with a note.

letterpress printed thank you note with polka dot liner

It’s time to give thanks! I am a bit of a foodie so I love a holiday that involves a big meal. My big and crazy family joins together and my parents have a Battle of the Turkeys.  Mom makes the house smell delicious with her oven-roasted turkey and my dad stays cool by the grill. My father the self-proclaimed “Worlds Best Cook” always thinks he wins, but truthfully there is nothing quite like the smell of a turkey roasting in the house, so Mom gets my vote every year.

After hours of snacking…. I mean helping in the kitchen, we sit down for the meal. The food is amazing, but as we have all grown up and moved away it is the conversation that is most enjoyed.  As early as I can remember my parents have had an odd, but memorable tradition of setting out three kernels of corn to represent three things we are thankful for. At the end of Thanksgiving dinner all five kids and our parents took a turn sharing his or her three reasons to be thankful. There is a lot of laughing and sometimes even a few tears, but it is a tradition that I will be forever grateful for. Gratitude is a gift.

To celebrate Thanksgiving and the gift of gratitude we will be doing a series of blog posts about giving thanks. We would love your ideas and request. Showing gratitude through a handwritten note shows more than just etiquette. It is good for our souls.

Honestly one of the reasons that I love working in the letterpress printing industry is that it isn’t one of instant gratification. Each piece that we make starts off as an artistic concept and is brought to life through a series of processes. Even our very basic pieces are a labor of love.

letterpress printing

Secret time: I have saved every single card that I have ever received.  We are talking hundreds and hundreds of hand written cards…I think I might be a stationery hoarder. Either way, those words of encouragement, thanks or just thinking of you mean more to me than anything else in my home. I have read them all many times and each time I am thankful for my insane stationery pile and for the kind people who wrote me those notes.

Letterpress printed wedding thank you notes.

I know I can’t be the only crazy person who has this kind of love affair with handwritten notes.  This post is for you my fellow note writer. Join us this month in giving thanks!  I am going to challenge myself to write one handwritten letterpress printed thank you note once a week until the end of 2014. Sounds easy enough, but with the holidays coming up I need accountability. Keep me accountable by sharing your kernels of thankfulness. Share it with your friends or write us note and we will share it with our friends!  Let’s make gratitude contagious.

With thanks,


PS – If you need some letterpress printed stationery to write notes of gratitude email me today at info@dinglewooddesign.com and I can hook you up! :)


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Monogram Etiquette

Monogram EtiquitteWe’ve all been there. You find the perfect item and you want a monogram on it. You are ready to check out and then the mental debate starts…”What is the order is the order of my monogram????” The sweat starts pouring down your face and you rack your brain trying to remember if its first name, last name, middle or first, middle, last or its the ever-confusing couple monogram. NOOOOOOOO!!!! The letters start swirling around in your head and before you know it a monogram is out of the question because you’ve forgotten your own name.

Okay, maybe your experience hasn’t been that traumatizing, but either way we want to take the confusion out of the monogram. Monogram etiquette does not have to be a mystery. There are rules, but no need to memorize them all! We are here to help.

Monogram StationeryMonogram RulesMonogram Etiquitte

Letterpress printing a monogram on stationery or an invitation is timeless. Make sure you get it right by following these simple monogram etiquette rules:

Monogram for a Woman

A monogrammed gift for a woman should include her first, middle and last initial, or if she is married, her first, maiden name, and married name initials. Traditionally, a woman’s monogram is presented in first, last, middle initial order. So for Annabelle Grace Carter her monogram would be aCg

Monogram for a Man

When monogramming something for a man, many people prefer to use the initials in the first, middle and last order. For example, Michael William Rogers would be MWR

Monogram for a Married Couple

In the “etiquette world” there is quite a debate on who’s first initial goes first. Traditionally, the Groom’s first initial would be first, followed by the joint last initial, then the Bride’s first initial.  Where as now modern feminism is stepping in to say, “ladies first!” This debate may go on for quite a while, but when in doubt the traditional married monogram is always safe choice.

Monogram for Children

The same monogramming rules apply for children as for adults. Gifts for small children, both boys and girls traditionally follow the first, last, and middle initial order. For example, both Sarah Amelie Whitlow and Samuel Andrew  Whitlow’s monogram would be: sWa. As Samuel Andrew Whitlow grows older, it will become more appropriate to move to the first, middle, last initial order for his monogram.

letterpress stationerymonogram letterpress stationerymon04

Monogram Ideas

Do you love a monogram, but don’t know what to monogram? Monogrammed letterpress stationery is a great treat for yourself or for a friend. It makes the perfect newlywed wedding gift. A lot of our customers love ordering a new bride letterpress stationery with her new monogram. Our brides often want a monogram letterpress printed on their wedding invitation or on a belly band. We don’t expect you to memorize these rules though so if you have questions about a monogram just ask! We would love to help! Contact us today at info@dinglewooddesign.com!

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Letterpress Printed Birth Announcements

Letterpress Printed Birth Announcements

Welcoming a child into the world or into your family is such a celebration! The excitement surrounding a birth is palpable. I have not yet had the honor of becoming a mother, but I am a proud aunt of two sweet little ones.

Ellie will celebrate her 2nd birthday in November and Noah just arrived two weeks ago. Welcoming them into our crazy family was joy! We shouted it from the rooftops and every social media platform known to man. Friends and family from all over joined the proud momma and daddy in their celebration. The celebration of new life.

The birth of your child is personal and sacred, but it is also meant to be shared! The people who love you will inevitably love your child. They want to share in the joy! I know as an aunt I want to hear every detail of the lives of these two little ones.

Birth Announcement

We have the privilege of working with with parents across the world to help them welcome their babies into the world with our letterpress printed birth announcements. Each one brings joy to our hearts. As a small letterpress business we get to build relationships with our customers and truly share in the joy of their life events. Creating an adorable letterpress printed birth announcement is fun enough on its own, but knowing their story makes it so much more special.

baby girl birth announcement 2

Our mommies-to-be get in touch with us anytime from their second trimester, to six months after their new little ones are born. Some mommies are super exhausted from either pregnancy or baby (understandably so) and they choose to go with one of our lovely template designs we have available. While other mommies have something else in mind entirely and we create something really unique to announce their newest addition. They’ll share their vision with us and we work together to create their baby’s birth announcement from scratch. We’ve even had a grandmother-to-be take care of the birth announcements as well – how sweet is that!

baby girl letterpress birth announcement

Template or custom, we send over digital proofs via email and tweak the design until they are absolutely thrilled. A photo of the baby isn’t necessary but who doesn’t want to share a photo of their healthy little giggling baby? Once approved, we letterpress print them onto our stock 100% cotton paper with hand mixed inks on a vintage press. We take care of ordering the photos, cutting them down to size and assembling them for convenience. They’re paired with high quality envelopes made from at least 30% post-consumer waste, then carefully wrapped and shipped off to proud new mommies and daddies.

Letterpress printed birth announcement

Life is precious. Celebrate it. Shout it from the rooftops or send it in the mail.

**Welcome to the world Noah! Aunt Anna loves you very much**

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Double Thick Letterpress Printed Business Cards

Double Thick Letterpress Printed Business CardI am not usually a snob. All of us appreciate good taste, but snob is not a word we often associate with. I have a confession to make though: I am somewhat of a business card snob. A business card does not just provide someone with your contact information, it also serves as an important part of your professional brand. It is a representation of you. Your card can really make or break an introduction.

Almost every person in the professional world uses some form of a business card, but not all cards are created equally.  A powerful brand design is essential, but if printed on a poor quality stock paper it loses its power. If you have ever ordered from one of those 1000 cards for a dollar sites then  you know what I am talking about…no thank you. A 100% cotton letterpress printed business card gives a strong impression before it is even read.

Standard letterpress printed business cards are created with 110lb paper. They provide a professional and memorable impression. A double thick letterpress printed business card is brought to life on 220lb paper.  If you are looking for a strong and stylish card a double thick letterpress printed business card is the way to go. I just made the switch and there is no way I can ever go back. That is when I realized that I may even be a slight business card snob now. :)

paper thickness comparison

I know I am not alone. Fellow business card snobs unite.  Contact me today at anna@dinglewoodesign.com and join the classy card club. You won’t regret it.

If you are interested in our other business stationery products please visit our Business Stationery section here on our Etsy Shop.


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