Edge Painting

edge painting hot pink
Edge painting is one of our favorite ways to brighten up stationery  edge painted business cards and stationery edge painting is the perfect way to bring your stationery to the next level. We can edge paint stationery, business cards, and birth announcements. We can also offer edge painting for our wedding invitation suites.

hot pink edge paint

Edge painting can be added to our 110# standard thick paper, but we highly recommend upgrading your paper to our double thick 220# paper to get the best bang for you buck! If you are interested in upgrading your paper just send us a message via Etsy or email – info@dinglewooddesign.com.

silver edge paint
silver edge painted business cards

The colors featured here are silver, peacock, and pool. We can match most of our ink colors or suggest colors that would complement your chosen ink color. Contact us today at info@dinglewooddesign.com to inquire about your edge painted stationery or business cards!

mint, blue, green edge paint
teal edge paint

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