Letterpress Coaster Business Cards

When it came time to design new business cards for myself I knew I had to do something different. I always get that sneaking suspicion that someone is going to just toss my card away without plugging my info into their smartphone. I admit it. I’m guilty, too. Business cards are the most inconvenient transfer of information in this age of smart phones and email.

So I got to thinking: I need my cards to serve a purpose so that my potential clients will not only want my cards, but NEED to keep them. I brainstormed ideas for two weeks when it finally hit me: letterpress coaster business cards. I always have one at my desk or coffee table to protect my precious wood furniture, and I tend to keep them for about 6 months before they aren’t pretty anymore. By the way, have you tried one of those modge-podge, tiled coasters? They have one job: to protect the wood, and they can’t do it.

When it comes to coasters, you need something that will absorb the water, and thats where my coasters come in. They sit on your desk, helping you protect your furniture, and one day when you need a Thank You card, or a set of stationery for your Aunt Edna’s birthday, there’s your little coaster with all of my contact information!

businesscoasters IMG_4946 businesscoasters

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