Wedding Invitation Trend: Letterpress Coaster Invitations

A very popular wedding invitation trend right now is using letterpress coaster invitations.letterpress coaster invitationsThis fun alternative to traditional paper makes a big statement with rustic weddings, low-key weddings, engagement parties, and cocktail hours.

I recently had the opportunity to print these letterpress coaster invitations for a fun bride and groom using fun calligraphy, and bold vintage fonts. They really made a big impact on the invitations’ overall design, don’t you think?letterpress coaster invitations These are letterpress printed on heavy weight 4″ square paper coasters with a circa 1893 Chandler & Price Old Style platen press and hand-mixed ink. These coasters are reusable, but are not permanent. They withstand a lot, but dark liquids will stain them. The ink will not run!

If you would like to order these for your own event, you may do so here.

I am also always open to new ideas!  Please feel free to contact me any time with any custom requests. I would love to hear from you!

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