Letterpress Lace Communion Invitations

Letterpress Lace Communion Invitations

Letterpress Lace Communion Invitation How adorable are these invitations? Your child of God shines sweetly as their name sits among a simple cross and detailed delicate blush pink lace impression. Whether a first communion, baptism, christening or confirmation, your friends and family will be delighted to share in your special moments.Letterpress Lace Communion Invitation Letterpress Lace Communion InvitationsWe printed her invitations on luxurious Crane’s Lettra paper with Gold ink on Mia, our 1893 Chandler & Price platen press. You can read more about her here. Letterpress Lace Communion Invitations  If you’re interested in ordering these for your own child’s communion or baptism, you may do so here.

Are you interested in learning more? Please feel free to contact me any time with questions!

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