Limited Edition Letterpress Printed Note Card Gift Set Featured in Glamour Magazine

Featured in Glamour Magazine Letterpress Stationery

I have been reading Glamour Magazine for over 15 years. I love it. It’s the perfect mix of fun, style, ideas and real stories about real people. When Glamour approached us over the summer I was star struck. I was probably out of breath as I paced the office talking to the editor, who couldn’t have been more gracious. In a fast paced whirlwind we created a limited edition letterpress printed note cards gift set to be featured in Glamour’s Gift Guide for 2016 and then we waited and held our breath hoping to make the cut. 

stationery in glamour magazine

This week I have visited and called multiple stores to see if the December 2016 Glamour Magazine was in stock. I get pretty excited about Glamour on a regular basis, but this month I turned into a hunter. This morning while picking up groceries before work I saw it! The signature pink logo and stunning Gwen Stefani glimmered in the corner of my eye and I ran, nearly knocking down a few shelfs and fellow early morning shoppers. I quickly purchased multiple copies and showed everyone around me that Dinglewood & Design and Press’ stationery was in the magazine. The cashier was super sweet and got excited with me but I think some may have written me off as a crazy woman squealing in the grocery store. We are so excited and so very honored. Thank you Glamour Magazine for encouraging this small but strong team of women.

Glamour Magazine and Dinglewood Design and Press

K! Enough freaking out! For the moment. You NEED to order this Limited Edition Letterpress Printed Note Card Gift Set Featured in Glamour Magazine Gift Guide. These will be available for a short time only and you don’t want to miss out!

Letterpress Stationery featured in Glamour

Your letterpress stationery will be printed on Crane’s Lettra 110# 100% cotton paper with a circa 1893 Chandler & Price Old Style platen press. These lovely flat 4bar size cards are individually printed using the limited edition font and ink color of your choice. The envelopes have a square flap and will be lined with one of many stunning pattern selections.

envelope liners featured in glamour magazine

This is the best deal we have ever offered. Seriously, check out these prices! They make great gifts for your friends, teachers, loved ones and a nice treat for yourself. #treatyoself

One color printing prices:

25 cards with envelope liners= $100
50 cards with envelope liners = $190
75 cards with envelope liners= $275
100 cards with envelope liners = $360

Get them TODAY before they are gone! As always if you have any questions please reach out to us at Look forward to working with you!!

Featured in Glamour Magazine Letterpress Stationery


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