Wedding Invitation Trend: Bold Fonts

bold fontsA very popular wedding invitation trend right now is using bold fonts. Bold fonts make a big statement with rustic weddings, vintage weddings, shabby chic weddings, and even modern minimalist weddings.

I recently had the opportunity to print these letterpress wedding invitations for a local bride and groom using many bold fonts. They really made a big impact on the wedding invitations’ overall design, don’t you think?


These invitations were printed with my 1893 Chandler and Price platen press on double thick 600gsm Crane’s Lettra paper. Lettra is 100% cotton, soft and luxurious to the touch, yet strong and stable on press. Lettra’s distinct “letterpress finish” is rare and engaging in a machine-made, commercial paper. Lettra is uncalendered, meaning that it is not smoothed in the calender stacks on the papermaking machine. The cotton fibers are relatively uncompacted, so the sheet feels extra-bulky, even fluffy.


This suite was printed with two ink colors: navy and gold. I hand-mix all of my inks so if you have a specific color in mind you would like printed, I can match it!


I am also always open to new ideas!  Please feel free to contact me any time with any custom requests or ideas, I would love to hear from you!



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