Vintage Floral Wreath Letterpress Printed Birth Announcements

Vintage Floral Wreath Letterpress Printed Birth Announcements

These sweet Letterpress Printed Birth Announcements make our hearts flutter. Little baby Louise’s classic photo fit perfectly on these vintage pressed announcements. The soft pink ink captures the laurel wreath and calligraphy style font beautifully. We LOVE the elegant detail of the monogram encircled with the floral wreath. This announcement features an A7 100% cotton cranes lettra card with blossom ink and a pearl white envelope with return address printing in blossom ink.

letterpress birth announcements floral wreath

letterpress birth announcements photo floral wreath

We are honored work with new parents to help them welcome their babies into the world with our letterpress printed birth announcements. It is truly a joy!

Each one of these birth announcements were printed one at a time on our vintage press. The photos were attached to the announcement by hand with love.

If you are interested in ordering this design for your baby’s birth announcement please check out our birth announcement section.

We also offer entirely customized designs. Whatever you envision we will work with you to create. Prices will vary depending on the project so please message us for details. If you have any questions concerning custom orders or if you are ready to place an order send an email to

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