Handcrafted letterpress stationery goods for celebrating love, life & joy

Dinglewood Design and Press is a small letterpress printing studio located in beautiful Midtown Columbus, Georgia. We would love to create your custom designed wedding invitations, personalized stationery, birth announcements, event invitations and business stationery. All pieces are hand fed and letterpress printed on vintage presses.

The Carolina Suite - Letterpress Wedding Invitations
The Kennedy Suite - Letterpress Wedding Invitations
The Peachtree Suite - Letterpress Wedding Invitations
The Botanical Gardens Suite  - Letterpress Wedding Invitations
The Azalea Suite  - Letterpress Wedding Invitations
The Eliza Suite - Letterpress Wedding Invitations
Heirloom Monogram - Letterpress Stationery
Copperplate Monogram - Letterpress Stationery
Vine Monogram - Letterpress Stationery
The Tortured Stationers Department - Letterpress Stationery
Classic Frame - Letterpress Stationery
Mary - Letterpress Stationery
Caroline Elizabeth - Letterpress Birth Announcements
Marlow - Letterpress Birth Announcements
Maximilian - Letterpress Birth Announcements
Hugh - Letterpress Birth Announcements
Hannah - Letterpress Birth Announcements
Eleanor - Letterpress Birth Announcements
Calligraphy Simplicity - Letterpress Gift Tags
Sweet Wreath - Letterpress Gift Tags
Azalea - Letterpress Wedding Favor Tags
Mistletoe Bells - Letterpress Gift Tags
Modern Block - Letterpress Gift Tags
Vintage Ornaments - Letterpress Gift Tags
Merry Everything - Letterpress Holiday Cards
A Thrill - Letterpress Holiday Cards
Nutcracker Horizontal - Letterpress Holiday Cards
Peace - Letterpress Holiday Cards
Coastal Christmas - Letterpress Holiday Cards
Cheer - Letterpress Holiday Cards
Joy to the World - Letterpress Holiday Cards
Garland Sketches - Letterpress Holiday Cards
Frazier - Letterpress Business Cards
Kelsey - Letterpress Business Cards
David - Letterpress Business Cards
Beth - Letterpress Business Cards
Photographer - Letterpress Business Cards
Christy Sage - Letterpress Business Cards
Nikki - Letterpress Business Cards
Libba - Letterpress Business Cards
Chestnut - Letterpress Moving Announcement
Bridge - Letterpress Moving Announcement
Acorn - Letterpress Moving Announcement
Lakebottom - Letterpress Moving Announcement
Creek Farm - Letterpress Moving Announcement
Sweet - Letterpress Moving Announcement
Chicago - Letterpress Moving Announcement
Phoenix - Letterpress Moving Announcement
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