Custom Venue Sketches

Custom Venue Sketches

Honestly is this not the best job in the world?
Creating illustrations of special places is one of my favorite things to do. Here are some of my favorite sketches! ✨ 

venue sketch columbus georgia
From historic churches' timeless charm to Hays Adams Hotel's grandeur, and Columbus' Bibb Mill rustic beauty, these special places have stolen my heart! ❤️  And they are the perfect way to make your wedding invites personal to you. 

But hey, it's not just about wedding venues! 🏡✏️ I'm open for commissions ranging from adorable house portraits to capturing your favorite spots! 🎨 So, if you have a place close to your heart, let's bring it to life on paper one stroke at a time! 🎉✏️
Of course the prints can be personalized with the magic of letterpress too!


Commissions are limited, folks! 💌✨ Contact me and let's turn your cherished spaces into timeless works of art! 🎉 
Once created they are yours to use across save the dates, invitations, maps, matching stationery, framable art & more!



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