Dinglewood Design and Press is a small letterpress studio located in Columbus, Georgia that was founded by Christy Etheredge in 2012 when a creative outlet became a life's calling. Born in a garage, what once started as a one-woman operation quickly evolved into a husband and wife team, and then grew into a small group of talented creatives. 

Eight years, four antique machines, and a wonderful, ever-changing cast of team members define our company. We stay true to our mission - we are committed to making quality goods that are rooted in a handmade process. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and integrity. We create the products that we love and are rewarded by our customer's smiles as they see the fruits of the design process. We like to think that we bring a little more happiness to the world through our efforts.

Each piece is hand-printed on antique presses dating from 1893, using luxurious cotton papers. With a less-is-more aesthetic and a focus on elegant fonts, vintage imagery and classic design, our collection of charming letterpress invitations and social stationery are intended to delight both the writer and the recipient. 

Dinglewood Design and press

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