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7 Ways to Make Your Letterpress Wedding Invitations Affordable

You have fallen in love with letterpress wedding invitations, but perhaps the price is a bit higher than you budgeted for invitations. Fear not! We are here to help you save money and make your letterpress wedding invitations affordable! Follow these tips to keep your dream invitations on budget.

letterpress affordable

1.) Paper Thickness

Upgrading the paper to 220# Double Thick 100% Cotton Lettra is a beautiful way to make an impression with your invitation suite, but the price can add up a bit. You can save a considerable amount of money by only upgrading the invitation to 220# and keeping your response card and additional information cards as the standard 110#. This allows your wedding invitations to stand out among your other cards in their envelope. Letterpress printed wedding invitations look stunning on 110# standard paper as well and keeping all of your wedding day stationery as the Standard Thick 110# 100% Cotton Lettra can help save big time.

letterpress double thick paper

2.) Ink Colors

Adding a second ink color can be a beautiful option for your wedding suite, but that second ink color requires a second plate and a second run on the press, which in turn costs more money. A good money saving tip is to only include the second ink color on the main invitation and keep the rest of your items with one ink color. Another great option to bring the second color into your suite through the response envelope or main envelope.

letterpress wedding invitation suite

3.) Envelopes

You can really have fun with envelopes and make them great by adding customized envelope liners, return address printing, guest addressing in calligraphy, or even adding a second outer envelopes.  One main envelope is included in the cost of your wedding invitation and all of those add-ons can be stunning, but can add up in the budget department. If you love envelope liners consider using a solid color or ask us about the standard patterns available. Letterpress printing the return address is a stunning touch and can be a huge time-saver, but there are several excellent options on the market for a custom stamp that you could purchase instead.

letterpress wedding suite

4.) Pocket Enclosures,  Belly Bands and Ribbons

If you are ordering several pieces, finding a way to keep them together in the envelope is a good idea. A pocket enclosure with a belly band is a beautiful way to present your invitations. If you are looking to save though, a standalone belly band can be an excellent option. We offer belly bands with square attachments, ribbon belly bands, glitter belly bands, patterned belly bands, twine belly bands, solid printed belly bands and unprinted belly bands.

letterpress wedding invitation belly band glitter

5. Additional Information Cards:

Additional Information cards are very helpful for your guests. You can use them to provide the details of your reception, map directions or information regarding accommodations for your guests. If you are looking to save on additional information cards we can help you consolidate your text to fit on one additional information card. Another great option is to only send the additional information card to guests that will need it, perhaps you only need to send the accommodations card to your out of town guests. Website cards are a slightly less expensive option that can be used to direct guests to your website for information and really make your letterpress wedding invitations affordable!

letterpress wedding suite custom

 6. Template Designs

We LOVE creating custom designs. If you aren’t so sure what you are looking for,  you have a completely new concept or want pieces of different designs pulled together to create your invitation then a custom design is the way to go. A custom design covers up to 6 initial design concepts, then unlimited revisions of the chosen design. If you love the layout and design of one of our existing designs and you are looking to save a bit then our template design may be a good fit for you. The template design would include the exact design layout that is on the sample listing of  your choice and you can change the wording, ink and envelope colors. The template design allows for up to 2 rounds of revisions. Contact us to inquire more about our template design prices.

letterpress wedding invitation

7. Thank you notes

While you thank you notes are not necessarily a part of your wedding invitations they are a huge part of your wedding stationery. We love a folded letterpress printed thank you note, but the extra paper means extra cost so a great alternative can be a flat letterpress printed thank you note.

letterpress thank you note card stationery

If you have you have questions about making your letterpress wedding invitations affordable or you are ready to place an order please contact us at info@dinglewooddesign.com. We would love to help create the invitations of your dreams!

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