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Letterpress Printed Birth Announcements

Welcoming a child into the world or into your family is such a celebration! The excitement surrounding a birth is palpable! 

letterpress birth announcements

The birth of your child is personal and sacred, but it is also meant to be shared! The people who love you will inevitably love your child. They want to share in the joy! 

letterpress birth announcements

We have the privilege of working with with parents across the world to help them welcome their babies into the world with our letterpress printed birth announcements. Each one brings joy to our hearts. As a small letterpress business we get to build relationships with our customers and truly share in the joy of their life events. Creating an adorable letterpress printed birth announcement is fun enough on its own, but knowing their story makes it so much more special.

letterpress birth announcements

Our mommies-to-be get in touch with us anytime from their second trimester, to six months after their new little ones are born. Some mommies are super exhausted from either pregnancy or baby (understandably so) and they choose to go with one of our lovely template designs we have available. While other mommies have something else in mind entirely and we create something really unique to announce their newest addition. They’ll share their vision with us and we work together to create their baby’s birth announcement from scratch. We’ve even had a grandmother-to-be take care of the birth announcements as well – how sweet is that!

letterpress birth announcements

Template or custom, we send over digital proofs via email and tweak the design until they are absolutely thrilled. A photo of the baby isn’t necessary but who doesn’t want to share a photo of their healthy little giggling baby? Once approved, we letterpress print them onto our stock 100% cotton paper with hand mixed inks on a vintage press. We take care of ordering the photos, cutting them down to size and assembling them for convenience. They’re paired with high quality envelopes made from at least 30% post-consumer waste, then carefully wrapped and shipped off to proud new mommies and daddies.

Life is precious. Celebrate it. Shout it from the rooftops or send it in the mail.

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