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Revenge Inspired Floral Letterpress Wedding Invitations

SPOILER ALERT – Jack Porter and Amanda Clarke got married!!! (Finally!) Sorry if I spoiled it for you – but the DVD came out a month ago so…

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For those of you that don’t know, Jack and Amanda (formerly known as Emily Thorne) were the main characters on ABC’s hit TV show, Revenge. I have been a huge, unashamed fangirl from day one. Yes, I’ve seen episode one at least 5 times. I suffered through the writer changes, and the awful “Initiative” plot from season 2. I stuck it out through all of the weird love paths that Emily, Jack and Daniel went down. I even came full circle with Victoria – from wanting her to be set on fire, to being devastated when it actually happened…. or did it? 

letterpress wedding invitation suite revenge

So you can imagine how happy I was when Jack and Amanda finally earned their happily ever after! And their wedding did not disappoint! Jack and Amanda’s wedding was low key, simple, and overall, gorgeously romantic. They were wed in Nolan’s newly acquired yacht club, which set the scene of a nautical Montauk wedding. Emily’s woodland dress with a touch of lace – perfection! The flower wall made a delicately feminine backdrop for their alter.

Needless to say, as a wedding invitation designer, I was inspired. So as a homage to my dearly departed favorite show, I created The Montauk Suite in hopes that one day Revenge will return (c’mon, ABC!). But I’ll settle for the joy of making a bride’s wedding invitation dreams come true!

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As with all of our suites The Montauk Suite is completely customizable. Dinglewood Design & Press can customize the ink color, font style, envelope color, layout, or even add a motif. To learn about our pricing and process visit our wedding or how it's made pages. If you have any questions concerning custom orders or if you are ready to place an order send an email to


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