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Wildflower Letterpress Printed Wedding Invitation

The Wildflower Suite is a modern letterpress printed wedding invitation design. These simple wedding invitations set the tone for a rustic wedding. The gold ink warmly invites your guests to celebrate your union. The deep gravel envelope is offset by a striking purple envelope liner. The purple color is carried through the suite with the response envelope. The Wildflower Suite is a perfect example of how you can incorporate a multitude of colors into a wedding invitation suite while only using one ink color.

letterpress wedding invitation wildflower

letterpress wedding invitation wildflower suite

The letterpress printed response card allows guests to select their meal choice with these adorable icons. This can be particularly helpful if a menu has not been finalized. They icons also look and feel stunning letterpress printed on the 100% cotton paper.

letterpress wedding invitation response card menu

 Wildflower Suite Features:

110# A7 Size Pearl White 100% Cotton Letterpress Printed Invitation with Gold Ink

A7 Gravel Envelope with Aubergine envelope liner

110# 4bar Size Pearl White 100% Cotton Letterpress Printed Response Card with Gold Ink

4bar Size Aubergine Response Envelopes

letterpress wedding wildflower invitations

As with all of our suites The Wildflower Suite is completely customizable. Dinglewood Design & Press can customize the ink color, font style, envelope color, layout, or even add a motif. To learn about our pricing and process visit our wedding or how it's made pages. If you have any questions concerning custom orders or if you are ready to place an order send an email to info@dinglewooddesign.com.


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