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Garden Inspired Letterpress Wedding Invitations

I have a crush on these garden inspired letterpress wedding invitations. They are so dreamy. I love it all, from the creamy paper, to the soft grey ink, to the GORGEOUS rose wreath.

Garden inspired letterpress wedding invitations

This 100% Cotton suite is letterpress printed with a stunning soft grey ink color and features blush and taupe accents. This invitation is perfect for a garden or outdoor wedding. It will set the perfect tone for all of your wedding festivities.

Getting started on your very own dreamy wedding invitations:

1.) Order a sample of this Garden Inspired Letterpress Wedding Invitations through our Etsy shop. While you don’t have to order a sample before we work on a design proof, it will really help to see the materials and various color options in person. Also I can pretty much guarantee you will fall in love with as soon as you see it in person.

2.) Take a look at our pricing guide and timeline.

3.) Send us an email at with any questions or to let us know you are ready to get started. Our staff will walk you through the process to make it seamless and fun.

Garden inspired letterpress wedding invitations

As with all of our suites The Rose Wreath Suite is completely customizable. Dinglewood Design & Press can customize the ink color, font style, envelope color or layout. We never want our anyone to feel limited by what they see in our existing portfolio. Our suites can be duplicated, but they can also serve as a starting point for your perfect wedding invitations.

Garden inspired letterpress wedding invitations


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