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Paper Love – The Spring Lily Letterpress Printed Invitation


Guest Blogger: Megan Russell 

I never imagined the origin of my wedding being paper, or to be more specific, love and paper. It makes sense, really, as my now husband and I fell in love in part because of our shared love of books, which in a literal sense is paper love.

I’m not a wedding person, or at least I wasn’t. I had vague notions of a pretty dress and songs I’d like to dance to (and in case you were wondering, my dream of dancing to Muse with my dad happened, air drums and guitar included.)Beyond that, I came to the wedding world with a four month planning period (yikes) and no sense of direction (I’m directionally challenged). I was baffled by the world of weddings and the seemingly infinite choices that demanded my attention.

Spring Lily Letterpress Wedding Invitation Suite
I had a wedding fairy, though, who just so happened to be my best friend since birth, my soul sister and actual sister. Anna is my constant. She knows me better than almost anyone. She also knows paper, or more specifically, beautiful, artisanal paper. She works for Dinglewood Design & Press, a letterpress business that started in Columbus, Georgia and has grown to make letterpress wedding suites and stationary for brides in Australia, New York, and across the world. They combine old world ingenuity with new, stunning designs.

Spring Lily Letterpress Wedding Invitation Suite

In an early conversation about our upcoming wedding, Anna knew the perfect wedding colors, bringing samples of blush pink, blue, and gray for us to choose from. Once Matt and I decided on pantone colors (aren’t you impressed already, I had no idea about the color world until Anna), I felt like the wedding’s tones appeared. The designs of the wedding would be both natural and feminine, subtle and still elegant.

Of course a wedding cannot happen on color choice alone. Anna went to her team at Dinglewood and collaborated on what would become the wedding suite. I never realized how beautiful paper can be. The beauty in the simplicity of the design for the invites was beyond what I even realized I wanted. The quality of every piece from the letterpress printed tulip and elegant print to the envelope liner opened my eyes to the artistry of paper. Passion is infectious, and Dinglewood’s passion and love of paper is evident in everyone who works there. Small businesses and handmade art holds a special place in my heart. While Dinglewood is a growing business, I saw firsthand how meticulously each invitation was cut and each liner was hand glued. They do their work with love, which is absolutely as it should be at a business whose business is announcing and celebrating love.

Even after the last invite was sealed and sent off, Dinglewood still played a huge role in creating a magical wedding. That’s what it felt like too, a magical celebration of so much, overwhelming, luminous love. Christy, Dinglewood’s owner personally designed and printed all of the signs at the wedding and made absolutely stunning name cards for immediate family and the bridal party. Matt and I even had our own sweet name cards, which was a special treat as it was the first time I saw my married name in print or more specially, in tasteful script. The themes and designs of the wedding suite were creatively interwoven into the signs and design of the entire wedding. It felt like my wedding was pressed with love.

It was a wedding and celebration of marriage built on love and paper. There aren’t enough thank you’s I can give to Dinglewood and my sweet, loving sister. Instead, I’ll do what I love to do and share what I love with others. I can’t resist sharing my new passion for paper. I’m writing this after getting off the phone with my sister, settling into my new home with my new beloved husband. There are things that wouldn’t be here though, unless I had a sudden love of paper. Things like the box of gorgeous paper I found at a Paper Source store, or the charming Rifle Paper prints hanging on the wall, or the original Dinglewood wedding invitation I plan on hanging up. I have always loved writing letters and stories, and reading novels, and of course my sweet Anna. A love of beautiful paper just makes sense. Matt is my new forever love, and paper, well, I think paper and I will continue to share a beautiful love story.

Spring Lily Letterpress Wedding Invitation Suite

Little Side Note from Anna:

I LOVE my job, but it was extra special working with my baby sister on her beautiful letterpress printed invitaitons. As with all of our suites This Spring Lily Suite is completely customizable. Dinglewood Design & Press can customize the ink color, font style, envelope color or layout. We never want our anyone to feel limited by what they see in our existing portfolio. Our suites can be duplicated, but they can also serve as a starting point for your perfect wedding invitations.

To learn about our pricing and process visit our pricing guide here. If you have any questions concerning custom orders or if you are ready to order these letterpress printed wedding invitations please send an email to You can order a sample here.

Spring Lily Letterpress Wedding Invitation Suite

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